Stain and Spot Removal

As much as you may try to protect your carpets and upholstery, sometimes accidents are simply unavoidable. Whether it’s a spilled cup of coffee on your favourite sofa or a trail of paw prints left on your white carpet by your dog, stains are something you’ll end up having to deal with at some point. Add in the fact that odours and allergens can build up along with those spots and stains, and finding the best Ottawa cleaning experts to help you with your stains is a must.

At Enviropure, we specialize in getting rid of tough spots and stains. By using the latest high-powered equipment and the newest carpet cleaning products on the market, we can quickly and effectively get rid of stains and spots that you may have assumed were impossible to remove.

Pet urine is one of the biggest problems a home carpet will face. Whether it’s an older dog that has an accident or a puppy who hasn’t mastered the process of heading outside to do his business, pet urine doesn’t just leave behind an unsightly stain. It also leaves behind an odour that can be tough to deal with. But our professionals will eradicate the stain, the smell, and all traces of the urine and leave you with a like-new carpet. Cleaning urine isn’t pleasant, but we’re always happy to help you breathe new life into your room.

Our cleaning experts can also make short work of the stains most think are impossible to clean. From red wine to fruit punch to coffee, these stains are so tricky that trying to clean them on your own could actually make matters worse. That’s why getting an emergency stain removal expert to your home quickly is something we take seriously. The faster our technicians can reach your home, the better the odds are that we can remove it.

Our experts can even handle smoke odours. Cigar and cigarette smoke can seep into carpets quickly and leave a lingering odour. But we use a combination of treatments and solutions that will take care of the smell and give you a fresh, enjoyable room again. And since we use totally safe, eco-friendly cleansers you don’t have to worry about your pets or your children playing in the room after we’re finished.

Once we handle the carpet cleaning, we go a step further to help enhance the durability of your carpet and upholstery with our green protector. It helps to provide a layer of protection you won’t notice but that will help prevent spills from turning into stains.

Enviropure uses a multi-step process to clean your carpets including neutralization, deodorization, and hot water extraction. Our tools are more powerful than any available for rent or purchase, and deliver a deep cleansing that simply can’t be matched. We pride ourselves in helping our customers while maintaining an eco-friendly operation and you’ll feel good about what we can do for you.

To get more information on our process or on our service areas that include Ottawa, Stittsville, Orleans, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, and Blackburn Hamlet, visit our contact page!